Wiggle Worm’s Shape Adventure Spotlight

Today’s book spotlight is Wiggle Worm’s Shape Adventure, a book about shapes for beginning readers written by Kathy and Karen Sills and illustrated by Virginia Jennings.

Here’s what the characters have to say about it!


” Hello, I’m Wiggle Worm, and I live in the children’s book Wiggle Worm’s Shape Adventure.  I was created by two twins named Kathy and Karen Sills.  Virginia Jennings made me and all my friends come to life with her colorful illustrations.  I am shy and very insecure.  I’m suppose to find six shapes for school, but my insecurity gets in the way.  My friends and my Mommy comes to the rescue.”

“Hey there, I’m Black Crow, I am Wiggle Worm’s feathered friend.  When I see that he is in need of help I come flying, ready to lend a helping hand.  I’m out going and always on the look out for an adventure.”

“HELLO! I’m Tiny Ant, excuse me for yelling, but I talk loud so I can be heard.  I may be small, but I have a big heart, and I love helping my friends out.  I’m slow when I get around, but I’m fast when I see a friend in need.”

“Hi, everyone, I’m Flounder Fish, I am a large bass fish and happy when I am splashing in the river.  I love to sing songs as I float down stream.  In fact, I helped my friend Wiggle Worm find a shape by singing a song.”

“Yo, I’m Chester Squirrel, I love to eat acorns.  I live in a big oak tree.  I enjoy chatting with my friends, in fact, I’ve been told that I talk too much.  All my friends loves to hang out underneath my tree, I talk and they listen, but we are always there for one another.”

“Bow-wow, I’m Shaggy Dog, I eat a lot of dog biscuits, and when Wiggle Worm needs a shape I shared one with him.  I’m lazy and care free.  I have a sunny disposition, and love  all  my friends.”

“I’m Wiggle Worm’s Mommy.  I am so proud to have a son like him.  He makes me smile when I am sad, and fills me with joy.  I am so happy to be able to give my baby his very last shape.”

“It’s me, Wiggle Worm again.  Now that you have met my friends and Mommy we hope that you will buy our book  and read all about the shapes my friends and Mommy help me find.  Buy us at Amazon.  See you soon!”


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