Dragon Shield Spotlight part 1 — The excerpt

Dianne Gardner’s second book in the Ian’s Realm series has been released!

Dragon Shield continues the adventures of Ian Wilson as he goes back into the computer realm to find his father.

Here’s a excerpt from the book.

dragon shield cover

What do you know about your sister’s shield?” Ian shut down the computer.


“What do you mean?”


“She says it’s magic. What do you know about that?”


“You mean the shield she just made, her dragon shield? I don’t know. She says she got the idea from her friends.” Brad shrugged.


“School friends?” Ian spoke softly, hoping to sound casual, but his inquiry was anything but random.


“Nah,” Brad laughed. “I don’t think so. I think they’re imaginary. She’s kind of mental.”


“Imaginary?” Ian asked. “How’s that?”


“Well, I don’t know. Maybe they’re really there. Sometimes I hear voices outside, like a bunch of girls out in her fort, but I never see anyone except Elisa. I can never figure it out,” he shook his head. “Unless she’s a ventriloquist of some sort. You know kids these days. I know she talks to herself.”


Ian didn’t say anything but it struck a harmonious chord in the symphony of his thoughts. Elisa does know the Kaempern children. They taught her how to make a magical shield just like theirs. Perhaps they wanted a spare shield here for safekeeping because of the war.


With a shove of his knees, the desk chair rolled back slightly as Ian rose and walked to the kitchen to refill his coffee cup.


“Why?” Brad asked.


Ian cringed; he probably shouldn’t have said anything. The boy was too inquisitive.


“Why do you want to know about her shield? Do you think it’s magic?”


Ian laughed quietly, “I have no way of knowing something like that.”


Brad’s eyes lit up. “You believe in magic though, don’t you? You just admitted it. Heck, I bet you more than believe in magic. You practice it, don’tyou? Going into another world, and all.” He jumped up. “Wow. Do you think her magic shield has something to do with the Realm?”


In honor of the event, the first book, Deception Peak, is on sale for 99 cents.

Deception Peak 

Dragon Shield




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  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Victoria!


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