30 Cubed – The Dispatcher

Great cliffhanger!

Victoria Adams' Reading Alcove


Here we go – number 9 weighing in at 684 words

Bryan sat as his console and thought about his next break. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night. Sitting in a chair in an environmentally controlled room staring at blinking lights and a large screen monitor. He still could not believe he had let his “friend” talk him into the extra shift. Yes, the money would be nice, but no, he couldn’t think of a more boring way to make it.

Lunar City itself wasn’t that bad these days. After years of intense construction converting lunar soil into and underground human “hive,” many of the things available on Earth itself could be had at base. Luxury items were a bit pricey, but anything that had a composition compatible with the Earth-Orbit waste or lunar soil was really pretty reasonable.

Bryan spent a lot of his time directing…

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