30 Cubed – The Stargazer

When we become fascinated by something, sometimes we can get lost in it.

Victoria Adams' Reading Alcove

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I love the night sky. I used to worry that I’d be sent to bed before it was dark enough for me to go look at all those stars. We had a wonderful tree in the backyard and if you climbed to just the right spot you could see a good portion of the night sky. The best, though, the very best, was laying on my back in the grass and staring at the moonless sky. I felt like I could fall into that vast, sparkling bowl of space.

I suppose it was a matter of course that I became an astronomer. While at university in one of my graduate courses I was given the chance of a lifetime; to try out a new observation method. The trial was to set to start on a Monday morning. For some reason I was put through a series of physical and psychological…

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