30 Cubed – The Guest

An excellent start to a sort of mini-serial. 🙂

Victoria Adams' Reading Alcove

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(Inspired by a writing prompt from Writer’s Write Creative Blog)

Through the open window there was as a sound of doors slamming shut. Derek had come fully awake at the first sound of tires squealing as the car came to a stop. He had not moved. It was the middle of the night; why couldn’t he remember coming to this place and why did he feel threatened?

Someone was banging on a door downstairs. There was a shout, something about they were coming. Derek decided that in the absence of any real information he needed to find a way to be elsewhere and quickly.

Silently rising from the bed he quickly searched the room in the light of a flashing neon sign. He saw his shoes by the bed and grabbed them, heading for what looked like a wardrobe or closet of some kind. Not the best option, but he…

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