Off the Edge

I walked up to the edge and looked over. The way down was several times my little height, but I wasn’t worried. In fact, I could have done this from much higher up if such a level had been available.  The higher the starting point, the more time in free fall, and I could do with a lot of time in free fall.

My two roommates stood somewhere behind me, squabbling as usual. Some day, he’d figure out that she wasn’t interested. Today, apparently, was not that day. I tuned them out and focused on my own task. I stared all the way down to the tan carpet so far below. The narrow valley and imposing walls on either side gave me a moment’s pause, but only a moment. Then I picked out my landing spot and shook myself.

Adrenalin surged through my veins, sending a tremulous ripple through my muscles. Now or never. I picked up one foot and poised it over the edge for half a minute while I nailed all my courage together. Then I stepped with the other foot and allowed gravity to take over.

Wind rushed past as the ground flew up toward me. I gauged my distance, keeping my eye on my landing spot. A little over halfway down, I spread my wings and flapped like mad even after they caught the air. With my primaries trimmed, I couldn’t do more than slow my fall, but I landed right side up inches from my chosen place.

My head crest flared as I chirped. A better landing could only be dreamed of.

The caretaker rushed over and offered me a hand. “Spot, you little maniac, what are you doing?”

I chirped again and accepted a ride back up to the top.  I think next time I’ll try a somersault before I spread my wings.

spot portrait hi res

This is Spot. She was a fearless pearl cockatiel with a love for adventure.

I do miss the little lunatic.


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