Awesome Jones, Part 1: Meet Julia

Here is the first part of a series on Ashleyrose Sullivan’s Awesome Jones. Today, one of the characters, Julia, dropped by to tell us a bit about herself.


My name is Julia and I grew up in Philly with my mom and my sometime-stepdad. Then I ran away. I hitched to Sea City and Chicago. I got waitressing work in Queen’s Town and, for a while, I was a box jumper a magic show in a run down old carnival town in Florida. That’s where the Scouts found me.

I’ve been here in Arc City ever since. The Guild put me to work and I can’t say it’s too bad but I wish I could be doing more. My power is unique, but it’s all I have. These people–the people upstairs–seem to cherry pick their active Agents. I heard rumors that it used to be different. That is used to be that, if you wanted to be a Cape, and you had a powerful ability, you could just do it. Now, it’s different. Maybe there are too many of us. Maybe too few.

I’ve made a friend here at least–Roy. He feels the same way, I think. It’s hard to get Roy to talk about how he feels about himself, or any of this, or me. But I like him. He’s a little moody but I like him.

And I do get to see a lot of the Agents when they come in from the field. It used to be that, aside from Captain Lightning, only Agent-Errants and Agents prepping for missions hung around here but now there are more and more. Every day I see them. Capes from all over the world. Pisces. Combustible Constable. The Gray Griffon. I don’t know why they’re suddenly all hanging around but it’s pretty cool. I don’t really talk to them. I take their orders. I bring their meals. I smile and try not to mess up, and the whole time I feel like I ought to be out there doing more. Like I could be doing more, you know? Like maybe, I mean maybe not right now, but maybe someday I could be an Agent too.


That’s it for this time. Part 2 will show up in a week.


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