SpecMusicMuse—A Chimerical World Round Table Interview, Part 4

A word or few about A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court, including my tale “The Last Mission.”

Scott M. Sandridge

Welcome to the final part of the A Chimerical World Round Table interview. Hope you had fun. J

And Part 4 includes Cindy Koepp, J. H. Fleming, Alexandra Christian, Ed Ahern, and Christine Morgan.


Well hello! My name is Cindy Koepp. I write science fiction, fantasy, and teacher resources when I’m not whistling with my African Grey, editing for two small presses, doing crafty stuff, or learning how to bend glasses back into shape.

I have one science fiction book, stories in 3 anthologies, and 4 books in queue at various publishers.

You can find more stuff about that at my website: http://ckoepp.com

My name is J. H. Fleming. My work has appeared in publications by Visionary Tongue, Evil Girlfriend Media, and Mocha Memoirs Press. I also have a novel and story collection coming from Pro Se Productions this year.

My name is Alexandra Christian and I…

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