Writing Process Blog Hop 2014

Earlier this year, my parrot answered for me.  I got pinged again, and this time I’ll answer for myself.


What Am I Working On?

Oh, wow, is that a list.

Let’s see …

  1. The Condemned Courier: This story started out life as a serial on JukePop Serials. Half a year after I polished off the story, PDMI Publishing, LLC offered a contract on it with the suggestion that I turn it into a full novel. So that’s one thing I’m working on now. I have about half the new material written, but it’s on standby while I get caught up on my editing jobs.
  2. Urushalon: Like Herding the Wind: This is Part 1 of 2. The captain of an Eshuvani police and rescue team must learn how to deal with her grief to capture a criminal targeting her adopted son. This one has just finished one round of editing with PDMI, and we’re now in the midst of Edit #2.
  3. The Loudest Actions: This book is the sequel to Remnant in the Stars, released by Under the Moon back in July of 2012. The crew of Gyrfalcon is back together to protect an ambassador on a first contact mission. This one is currently out to a few beta readers for feedback.
  4. Bird’s Eye: This book, in dire need of a new title, was told from the perspective of a parrot and a dog. Nifty idea, but it didn’t quite work. The critters weren’t always in the right place when I needed them. So, a bit of an overhaul will be needed. That’s okay. I’m brave … I just have to find the time to do it.

I have other tales in planning stages and yet others in pipelines at various publishers, so stay tuned and when I have news, I’ll share.


How Does My Word Differ from Others in This Genre?

This is a strangely difficult question to answer. I can more easily tell you how my work is similar to others. I suppose one major difference is that most of my main characters have some manner of physical or mental disability to overcome. I also tend to have multiple point of view characters. Rather than telling the whole story from one character’s perspective, the point of view character changes from one scene or chapter to the next, depending on what’s happening and who’s in the best position to tell that part. That might be a result of how so many characters have their own goals to accomplish.


Why Do I Write?

I like to tell people that I write because if I didn’t I’d go nutty.  Really, though, I enjoy writing. I know most people dread writing, but for me, writing is a great way to get the weird ideas out of my head and into someone else’s. Weird ideas come to me often, and I jot them down. Sometimes they become novels.

Love writer fb banner

How Does My Writing Process Work?

I often come up with an idea in the form of a scene or two, sometimes as little as a single conversation. From there, I build up the characters, the world, the rest of the plot, and everything else I’ll need. Before I actually start writing the story, I generate all the maps, descriptions, character details, settings, and plot details. I have meticulous notes and a detailed outline when I’m done. I don’t always follow my outline, and sometimes the details change along the way, but I have something to work from.

I know a number of writers who start off with little more than a basic idea and a couple characters and end up with a novel. I’ve tried that a couple times, and result has always been a disaster, so I’ll keep with what I know.

I was pinged for this Blog Hop by Victoria Adams and Megan Elizabeth Morales. Both are interesting characters I work with in PDMI Publishing, LLC. Go check them out!


2 thoughts on “Writing Process Blog Hop 2014

  1. I can tell that writing is your passion just like textile art is mine I enjoy being your friend and seeing how you progress. In Christ, Gail J.


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