On Tires

With my last three cars, all the tires wore out at about the same time, and I had to buy 4 new ones. This new car is … odd.

Every now and then I wear out the front tires on my car and they need to be replaced. Just the front ones, mind you. The back ones apparently last forever, but there’s a reason for that. See, when I go to get new tires for the front, the nice guys at the tire shop put the new ones on the back and move the back ones to the front.  They tell me it’s for safety.

The first time that happened, I thought the guy was one electron short of a hydrogen atom. I’d come in to get the front tires replaced, not the back ones, and why would I want the less good tires on the front of the front-drive car?

It has to do with traction in a skid, or so I’m told. I can steer the front to compensate for poor traction in the front wheels, but if the back wheels lose it … not so much to be done there. Hence, good tires on the back for traction.

In the 25 years I’ve been driving, I’ve only lost traction a few times: twice on ice (pulled an unintentional 540 one time and landed in a median) and twice in rain.  No wrecks as a result, but that was enough for me.  If putting good tires in the back and not so good tires in the front means I don’t get to spin out again, I’m okay with that.

Mikl Roventine feb 8 09 retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons 08 23 14

Copyright 2009 Mikl Roventine

Retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons on this date and used unchanged under CC License

PS: When I went to go look for the above picture, I entered “tires” in the search window … and about half the pictures came up critters and people yawning and napping.  Close but … not quite, eh?


2 thoughts on “On Tires

  1. I always detested tire shopping. Since I had to make sure I wasn’t being put over a barrel I had to read up on whatever was the going trend. I do not envy the exercise.


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