On Internet Connections

There was a time when an Internet connection was pretty much optional. I used it to play games and send email, but really, that was about it. I did my writing on paper with a pen, then typed it up on a word processor, printed it off, and stuffed it in a binder for my future amusement.

Now, I work as an editor at two small presses, have my own work in queues at various publishers, and attend online classes toward a Master’s degree. An Internet connection is no longer optional. Complicating things, I live out in the sticks where connectivity isn’t the greatest.

When I came home from work on Sunday and found my Internet connection toast, I was disappointed but not entirely surprised. I supposed it would be the same thing it was the last couple times and called tech support for the walkthrough on how to fix it… only this time it wasn’t going to fix so quickly. There wasn’t a setting issue caused by the most recent round of storms. There was zero connection between the modem and the carrier. They were going to have to send a tech or two out to check it and fix it.

That complicated things. The two publishers I work for would understand, and so would the ones I’m publishing through, but I had schoolwork that needed doing and the professor had already declared the “late work policy,” which was fair but more stringent than the previous class. Tuesday was the earliest a tech could get here when I wasn’t going to be working, and yes, I had to be here. First paper is due… Wednesday. Some things I could do from my iPad’s cellular link, but post a paper?  In proper formatting?  Pffff…. not going to happen.

So, today the techs, all 3 of them, made it out to the house, and within 10 minutes, they diagnosed the problem. Somehow, when installing a setup for another house — probably my newly arrived neighbors — the previous knucklehead a very confused technician disconnected my parents’ house. *facepalm*

They were able to get it up and running (Yay, guys! *rawkfist*), and all is well with the world again … until the next time it goes haywire.


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