Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo — The New Cover and the Blurb

It’s here!  It’s here! Well, almost…

About a month ago, Grace Bridges at Splashdown Books was here visiting. We worked on the snazzy cover for Mindstorm, made plans for future adventures related to Mindstorm, and took care of a round or so of editing. When she returned to her own home, half a planet away, she set the date for Mindstorm‘s release and set up Amazon for a pre-release purchase.  September 15 crept up in stealth mode.

front sanserif

Pretty amazing what six brilliantly colored water bottles, a black tablecloth, a few boxes, a picture of cracked glass, and overhead lighting can do.  😀

What’s it about?  It’s about 90,000 words. 😉 Okay, here’s a better description from the back cover.

Psionic healing. Psionic combat. Inside the mind, there’s a landscape like glass.

Thomas McCrady, a telepathic negotiator from Haidar Station in Earth orbit, is faced with his biggest challenge yet when he is sent to broker peace with only a rookie partner to help him. Worse, she’s the doctor he blames for the death of his last partner.

Calla Geisman’s telepathy is not the same as a standard Haidarian’s. Some people think she’s a waste of space. Some people want her dead. But she’s assigned to go with Thomas to Ologo anyway, and must gain his respect before she can play her part in the war’s end.

Come play with me on Facebook. Tomorrow evening, once I get home from wrangling and mangling glasses, I’m going to post other nifty stuff about Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo like where the story came from and some of the twists and turns it took to get to its current incarnation.

Releasing a book is a scary and exciting time. Scary because I’m releasing to the public something I worked on for years, and I do hope folks find it a fun, worthwhile work. Exciting because It’s Finished!!! It’s really FINISHED!!!!  WHOOOOO!


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