Cover Reveal: Lines of Succession

Lines of Succession is a fantasy novel I wrote years ago. Under the Moon offered a contract on it some time back, and we’ve been working our way through edits and artwork. A few months ago, Terri Pray, the editor in chief and head cat herder, got a new drawing tablet called a Cintiq. After some practice on it, she and Sam Pray, the artist and formatting specialist, decided to tag-team on the cover for my book. Sam did the main image, and then Terri used the Cintiq to fill in the details.

Check it out!

LoS final cover

What’s it about? Almost 100,000 words. 😀

A princess, who would rather practice with her rapier or train her griffin, serves as her brother’s regent after assassins kill or injure most of their family.

The interior art and the back cover still need figuring out, but very soon, we’ll be able to send this one out into the world.


4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Lines of Succession

  1. It’s lovely to think of your book inching its way toward publication. No one deserves the success more than you in your opinion, both for your good heart and continuous effort, so I shall be cheering you on in the wings as your volume strides toward to the starting line 🙂


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