On the Release of Lines of Succession

We interrupt the ongoing analysis of Hugos and Nebulas to make the following important announcement:

It’s here!!  It’s really here!!

LoS final cover

Amazon Link … and the first review is 4.5 stars! (Yes, there is a sequel planned in which Elaina gets to use her newfound skills).

Barnes and Noble Link

When Princess Elaina refuses an arranged marriage, she flees the court –and her father’s fury–for school. Normally, she enjoys practicing rapier combat and training Tiercel, her chatty griffin, but troubling dreams keep her on edge.

After a warning by a prophet, she returns to court only to find her twin taken captive and her father dying. Challenging the assassin leaves her blinded. As the sightless regent of Corby, she must protect her brother’s throne as he completes his studies.

Threats thicken all around her. Her ambitious uncle, mad for the throne, pressures her to abdicate to him. Elaina must find a way to see her path when all is dark. Failure would bring death to many.


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