On Hugos and Nebulas, Part 10: Sex Sells

This is not so much a rule-breaking in and of itself, unless you count it as a specialized bird walk. Really, though, it’s more like an annoying observation. I have no advice for you this time, just an opinion.

I am not a fan of romances novels or their various spinoffs. The last thing I want to read is a hokey description of reproductive biology. Since you just about can’t avoid reproductive biology lessons in the romance genres (without buggies and bonnets), I do my best to avoid them. Imagine my annoyance when about half of the books on my challenge list interrupted a perfectly good plot with two or more beings doing the horizontal mambo “on camera.”

Ugh. Get a room, and close the door.

Yes. I know sometimes the plot depends on a certain amount of intimacy between — or in some cases among multiple — characters. And, yes, I can scan past it and keep going, which is what I did. Nevertheless, in a couple of the books, it really didn’t seem to do much to advance the plot or the character development. A perfectly reasonable plot was interrupted for … no good reason.

Yes. I have been accused of being a prude, and there’s probably something to that and a good reason for it. Still, as disagreeable as I find them, including explicit sex scenes “on camera” is a writer and editor decision like a lot of things. I’m not a fan, but my opinion plus $2.50 will buy someone a soda.


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