On Job Hunting Ads

Looking for a job can be a disappointing drain on the mental resources. First, you have to prepare a resume. That’s not so bad if you don’t mind tooting your own horn. For those of us who are more reserved, extolling our own virtues is about as enjoyable as taking a nap on a fire ant bed.

If we survive that, next comes sorting through a few gazillion job ads on a vain quest to find something we not only could do but also qualify for. (Want to do is a nice bonus, but not always possible).

This tedious task is broken up by some occasional gems, those rare ads that are unintentionally humorous, like the job ad for a corporate trainer that not only required applicants to lift 72 pounds, but to pick up those 72 pounds from dirt level to shoulder height. Take that, OSHA. 50 pounds is the limit for one person to lift without assistance? Pfff … the ad might as well have said “100-pound women need not apply.”

Other companies play it a little safer, like the instructional designer who might need to lift 49 pounds. (OSHA says 50, but they decided to stay with 49). Play it safe!

Some get very detailed, like the government ecology job that said I would have to pick up 50 pounds then carry it up a narrow flight of external stairs down a 60-foot, box-cluttered hallway to a small room in the back of a building. Wow-Uphill, both ways, through waist-deep snow in bare feet, right?

Not all of the ads have been funny for lifting requirements. There was one for a copyeditor written in texting shorthand. If that’s their idea of “professional,” I’ll pass.

Job hunting is no fun, but from time to time, you can find one of these goofy ones. When you do, take a break those from dull, dry descriptions, and have a good giggle, but not for too long. You still have more ads to sort through.

(c) 2012 Kate Hiscock // Downloaded on 3/13/15 and used unchanged from Flickr Creative Commons

(c) 2012 Kate Hiscock // Downloaded on 3/13/15 and used unchanged from Flickr Creative Commons


2 thoughts on “On Job Hunting Ads

  1. Job hunting ranks somewhere close to first dates in my book.


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