On Mutated Alphabet Blogging: An Introduction

Many of my blog-writing pals have done a series of blogs in which each article starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Sounds a little hokey, but hey, you have a pattern to follow for half a year’s worth of blog entries, so, why not?

Coming up with ideas to hold forth about can be tough, or at least coming up with interesting ideas to hold forth about can be tough. I can grouch, ponder, and suggest things all day, but that might not be at all interesting to the rest of the world. Alphabet blogging solves that problem for a while, so I thought I’d go for it, but because I can be a little different, I decided to try something a little … odd.

During my teaching adventures, I often had to attend training seminars on pedagogy. I taught 4th grade for most of that career, so that put me in the elementary crowd. The reading-based classes often spent more quality time on the lower grade levels because that’s where the bulk of the reading issues start rearing their ugly heads.

In one of the classes, the instructor introduced us to a different kind of alphabet book:  Q is for Duck, by Mary Elting.  In this book, the teacher reads the prompt, such as A is for Zoo. Then there’s a page that shows a picture of why A might stand for Zoo. The next page explains why. In this case, you find animals at the zoo.

(c) 2015 Aplonid // Downloaded from Flickr Creative Commons on 4/23/15 and used unchanged

(c) 2015 Aplonid // Downloaded from Flickr Creative Commons on 4/23/15 and used unchanged

SO … that’s the weird mutation I’m going to use. Not to worry, as there are other things that come up (like book reviews, spotlights, and other interesting stuff), I may sneak a blog post in mid-week, but the Sunday blog will be the Mutated Alphabet Blog.

At the end of each blog, I’ll give you the prompt from the next one. If you want to play, try to figure out why that letter goes with that word. In the next blog, you’ll find out the answer. Got it?

Here’s the prompt for next time:  A is for Cartoon. Why do you think Cartoon goes with A?


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