C Is for Map

In the writing world, I belong to the subgroup called “plotters.” Plotters plan out the characters, the world(s), the storyline, and every other goofy detail that will or might or probably won’t be needed. Only then, do plotters start writing the actual story. I’m such a plotter that I’ll set up another round of plotting if I have major rewrites to do on a tale so I can tell where I’m starting and what needs changing. (Just so you know, the opposite of a plotter is a “pantster” because they write by the “seat of their pants.” Many pantsters start with the most basic of story and character ideas and just rock on from there. I’ve tried it. Doesn’t work for me).

All these notes serve a vital purpose. They keep my details straight during the story, which becomes vital since my work schedule in the last several years has meant it might take me a year or two to finish a first draft. The amateur cartography (aka map-making) I do helps me keep the geography straight, and since I include landform features on the map, help me set up the climate and terrain. So, for me, C is for Map.

Here are a couple maps I’ve made for some of my tales.

Condemned Courier

Condemned Courier

Bird's Eye (The forthcoming novel in dire need of a better name)

Bird’s Eye (The forthcoming novel in dire need of a better name)

The prompt for next time: D is for Material.


2 thoughts on “C Is for Map

  1. I love this series – so very much “Cindy” and her creative thought process.


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