So, Tell Me About Psygens…

IDNN: Hello! This is Ella Font of the Inter-Dimensional News Network. I’m here today with Psygen Tomed Nor. Tomed, how are you today.

TN: A little tired, but other than that, okay.

IDNN: For our other-dimensional viewers, can you explain what a Psygen is?

TN: Well, [shifts in his chair] in the past, we’ve been trying to downplay our differences from normal humans, but what with the recent smear campaign we’ve been trying to be more open.

IDNN: For our other-dimensional readers, a local xenophopic group recently broadcast an op-ed piece accusing the Psygens of being secret alien overlords, among other equally heinous accusations. Is there any truth in that piece?

TN: Well, any good lie has a kernel of truth. Psygens do live much longer than the average human, and we do have some limited abilities that some people could exaggerate into superpowers, but we’re not aliens, we don’t torture people, we don’t control every decision made by the United Galactic Alliance, and we try very hard not to abuse our position.

IDNN: And what exactly is that position, some say you’re guardians of humanity. Others say you’re overseers . How do Psygens view themselves?

TN: Our role has changed over time. Originally, our job was to enforce the peace, make sure no one nation annihilated another. Over time, our role grew into an oversight position, a neutral third party that looked over treaties, laws, and other global government activity to make sure no one side was oppressing or cheating anyone else. I am happy to report that our services in that area have become a lot less necessary lately,  and we’ve been cutting our own role back.

IDNN: Will the Psygens completely separate themselves from humanity?

TN: Well, we still think of ourselves as human, or at least in the human family. We’ll still be around to help, but our goal is to form our own colony, and participate with UGAL as a member planet, stepping in only when asked.

IDNN: What can you tell me about Alkask?

TN: Beautiful planet. The natives have taken pains to keep a natural look to the whole planet.

IDNN: and the native beings on the planet?

TN: The Meskka are unique in a few ways. For one, they’re the only alien species we’ve found that resembles any Earth lifeform. They look a lot like a tiger, only with coat colors from all sorts of earth cats. As a people, they’re cautious, but peaceful, and very curious.

IDNN: in your opinion, do they pose a threat to humanity?

TN: [laughs] That’s what they asked me about humans. As long as humanity doesn’t repeat the mistakes of it’s past and try to conquer them, they’ll make great allies.

IDNN: I’m sure we’ll work it out. What is your next mission?

TN: I’m helping UGAL patrol the new border, and there’s a bunch of paperwork and manual labor involved in setting up our colony

IDNN: so the Psygens are abandoning Earth after all?

TN: [chuckles] so first we’re overseers and now we’re abandoning Earth? No, but humans can handle their own affairs. It’s time for Psygens become our own people. As I said above, we’ll still be around, but as an equal partner.

IDNN: I see. Well, best of luck to you.

TN: thanks.

IDNN: Next time we will talk to one of the Messka, a scout named Bast. This is Ella Font with the Inter-Dimensional News Network. See you next time!

About The Psygen Chronicles Book 1: A New Threat by Aaron DeMott

A simple diplomatic mission becomes a life and death struggle that could plunge the entire galaxy into a war…

When an alien ship lands unexpectedly in the middle of her clan’s territory, Bast is sent to investigate as part of her scout trial. After an accident, she meets these new visitors. She and her senior scout Rrrark are invited to return with the aliens to their home planet to open diplomatic relations. What started out as a simple mission becomes complicated when they discover a pirate scheme that might be more than it seems. Are Bast, Rrrark, and two of the aliens called Psygens capable of stopping the pirates?



Twitter: @AaronJDeMott


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