What’s It Like Being a Scout?

IDNN: This is Ella Font of the Inter-Dimensional News Network continuing our series on the recent discovery of Alkask. With me today is Messka scout Bast. How are you doing today, Bast?

B: [Flicks her tail] I’m doing great! Uh … how are you?

IDNN: Doing well, thank you. How wa –

B: That’s great! Thanks for inviting me.

IDNN: [smiles] –s your … We’re glad you could make it. How was your stay on Earth?

B: It was interesting. Earth is very different from Alkask. Lots of concrete and metal, it almost looks like humans clear out nature to make a city, then miss it and do a … they put it back in a strange way.

IDNN: Do you not have cities on Alkask?

B: We … do … but we Meskka try to make them look like part of the natural environment. Our word for what you would call a city is  “mer-ahsh” We take a grove a trees, and grow them together into one large structure.

IDNN: That must be something to see. Do you have vehicles to get around from one mer-ahsh to the next?

B: [looks off-camera then back again] Well … not exactly. Not like the cars or jets here.

IDNN: What kind of transportation do you have?

B: [(flicks her tail and tilts an ear backward] Well, it’s just – um – different. Hard to explain really. Not actually a vehicle like yours…. I’m really glad we don’t have vehicles like that.

IDNN: Why is that?

B: [flattens ears] I – um – get a little – um – well, let’s say I like my paws on solid ground.

IDNN: Okay, fair enough. I understand you’re a princess.

B: Princess? Oh, that’s right, titles get passed down in families here. It’s not that way on Alkask, but  I guess humans might see me as one.  I’m just a scout. I work for Master SarrOw

IDNN: What do scouts do on Alkask?

B: [ears and tail stand up] It’s the best job ever! I get to patrol the whole forest, meet other clans, observe new things and investigate new places. Like Earth, for example, and Psygens and SeQish, and Earth’s ambassador to the SeQish was really interesting. We met him when we helped the Psygens track down the SeQish ambassador.

IDNN: Oh? For our inter-dimensional viewers, what made Earth’s ambassador unique?

B: He’s not human, for one thing, and he swims really well.

IDNN: What was the most memorable thing about your scouting trip to Earth?

B: Working with the Psygens. They are the most like us in some ways, but very different than us in others. Like, they’re tired. They didn’t talk about that much, but I could tell. All the ones I met need a nice long nap in the warm sun. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s the kind of tired a nap fixes.

IDNN: What do y – ?

B: And kittens! You have the cutest little kittens! Tomed told me the ones I saw are actually full-grown, but they look just like the kittens I used to take care of – that was before I became a scout — [holds up a paw] except they don’t have thumbs, which might be why they never developed into a society like ours, but they’re still adorable even if they never get to be my size.

IDNN: You do look like a rather large calico.

B: According to the information on SatNet, I’m more the size of a tiger just with very different markings. [stomach rumbles] Oops. Sorry. [flattens ears] That’s always happening at the wrong time.

IDNN: That’s all right. I’m sure inter-dimensional travel takes a toll on a person. Thank you for coming out, Bast.

B: You’re welcome.

IDNN: Next time we’ll talk to two other Psygens, Nilre and Ara Nor. This is Ella Font with the Inter-Dimensional News Network. Good night!

About The Psygen Chronicles Book 1: A New Threat by Aaron DeMott

An Amazon Review

Aaron DeMott’s A New Threat is a cleverly written and amusing tale about telepathic, hip-high alien cats called Messka and their first contact with Earth and a group of enhanced, telepathic humans called Psygen. The humans, Psygens, and Messka hit it off well, but a band of pirates hired by a xenophobic ship designer go on the offensive in an effort to keep human resources for humans.

The Messka have their own society and their own technology, which they hide very well inside natural forms giving the illusion of being more primitive than they are. A lot of their personality traits resemble the cats they’re physiologically similar to.

The Psygens have varying forms of psionic abilities including telepathy and some other common skills. Each has a specialization in things such as healing, deflecting energy bolts, and speeding up a spaceship’s engines. Their function in the society seems to be as guides and protectors to some degree, and although they honor their duties, there’s a definite undercurrent of wanting to be free of the burden of shepherding humans and living for themselves.

The xenophobic ship designer provides a good challenge for the Psygens and Messka by carefully arranging his tactics to foil the special abilities of the Psygens.

Overall, I found the book very entertaining. The plot was well-designed, and the characters were interesting, particularly in their diversity. The alien species involved were more complicated and detailed than simply humans in funny costumes. Although the book is aimed at and appropriate for tweens and teens, the book was engaging and I looked forward to reading the next couple chapters at lunch every day. I’m definitely interested in seeing where the Psygen Chronicles go next.

I’d say, check it out!

Website: www.aarondemott.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAaronDemott

Twitter: @AaronJDeMott

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/aarondemott/

Oh look!  It's Bast!

Oh look! It’s Bast! (Artwork by Keessie Carroll)


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