F Is for Dinner

I don’t get to go out for dinner much, and when I do, the food isn’t very interesting. I have a metric trainload of food allergies to dodge around, which means that dinner out is usually an unseasoned slab of cow or fish and some equally unadorned veggies. Don’t misunderstand. I appreciate finding food I can eat, but going out to eat is more about spending time with my friend rather than getting dinner. Getting to spend time with my friend is why F is for Dinner.

I met my friend Paul at church years ago. The church was organizing small study groups to meet in the middle of the week at someone’s house for food, fellowship, and Bible study. The groups were often centered around a particular type of study such as a particular book series or around a lifestyle arrangement, like unmarried folk. I’m not a fan of “book studies” for a variety of reasons so I joined the unmarried folks’ group. There were about a half-dozen of us, and I think I was the youngest. If not, I was awfully close. That’s where I met Paul.

From there, Paul and I both ended up working the sound board for the newly forming praise band, and after Sunday services, we went out for lunch at a local café and traded goofy stories about things going on in our world. I told him about the misadventures of teaching, and he relayed stories about his former corporate America nightmares as an engineer. We talked about life, the world, and the future based on what we were seeing and what we could see when hitting the mental “fast forward” button.

We keep in touch by email mostly now because I’m swamped in school + work, but we still go out for dinner once every few weeks so we can catch up on more crazy stories.

Next time, G is for Optician.


2 thoughts on “F Is for Dinner

  1. Friendship means more than food in one respect, for what is sustenance if not for that we may enjoy what life has to offer, including the company of good friends? 🙂


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