K Is for Sneeze

There was a time when I could go visit a friend of mine who had a handful of cats, including a long-haired one. I could spend the day there with them, and as long as none of the cats came too close, I was okay.

Several years ago, I started developing allergies to most of the planet. I’m allergic to anything that even looks like a mold or grass, half the trees in Texas, five dozen “foods,” some dogs, and even cats. Now, even the cutest little kitten in my space causes me to start sneezing brain cells. That’s why K is for Sneeze. Unfortunately, there’s no “just take an antihistamine” solution. I’m allergic to the inactive ingredients that appear in most OTC products.

Back when I could be in the vicinity of a cat without sneezing my fool head off, I would go over to my friends’ house and do stuff with them. Most of their cats were outgoing and friendly sorts, but they had one that was a little skittish … in the same way that an ocean can be described as slightly damp. She usually hid when anyone was over.

(c) 2015 Eric Jude used by permission, unchanged

(c) 2015 Eric Jude used by permission, unchanged

One afternoon, I was sitting on the couch watching a movie. In my peripheral vision, a dark-colored cat came across the back of the couch to where I was sitting. My friends had 4 dark-colored cats, including the really skittish one, and the approaching cat was too small to be the long-hair and even too small to be the other two. That left the skittish one. I turned toward the cat and said, “Hi.” She took one look at me and bolted back down the hall.

Apparently, I was not the one she was expecting.

This was not the only time I disappointed a critter by being the wrong person.

Your next prompt: L is for Griffins.


4 thoughts on “K Is for Sneeze

  1. There is always something quite delightful about your view of the world around you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad to hear that. 🙂 If these posts bring a smile, then they have done their job.


    • eightpawswriting

      Hi Cindy, I was born with allergies and back in my young days, the Dr’s didn’t know about the WHY. Ten years ago I experimented for 30 days with taking Gluten out of my diet, and was I surprised as my asthma, migraines, and acid reflux disappeared. I had gone through allergy testing 4 times and had pages of things I was allergic to, but now I only have to watch gluten and I can run, swim, dance, etc. with no asthma. I feel great. My daughter is allergic to dairy and gluten, so we have learned how to prepare meals that we can all eat.
      You may have heard of this, but just thought I’d mention it.
      Stay well! Sheri


      • Hi Sheri, Actually, I have a list of 65 “foods” to avoid. All the gluten-containing grains are on the list.

        Thanks for the idea, though.


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