Voting Results from City of Refuge Episode 1

In case you missed it, City of Refuge Episode 1: Fatal Accident? is here.

Voting for Jer’s crew closed last night. The results are…

Haddy, the generalist: 2

Ethan, the mechanic: 3

Tamar, the medic: 2

Lemuel, the weapon specialist: 0

Huh… not quite what I expected. I thought someone would pick Lemuel because they’re going after a bad guy, but … okay! Surprises are good in Agile Publishing, sooooo….

Looks like Ethan’s going for sure. Then there’s the tie between the two gals. I need a coin, or at least something flat with two distinct sides… *scrounging for a coin* Aha! Dime.

Heads = Haddy

Tails = Tamar


Tails!  Tamar it is.

Jer’s crew will be Ethan and Tamar.

Stay tuned!  Episode 2 posts next Wednesday.


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