O Is for Fish Sauce

With pervasive food allergies causing me some technical problems, coming up with interesting food can be a challenge. Sometimes it doesn’t look like I have much to work with, so I end up with variations on the theme of [slab of meat] + [veggies and/or grainy things]. Hey, it’s food. Food is good.

grocery store flickr Lyza 2004 creative commons

(c) 2004 Lyza // Retrieved from Flickr // Used unchanged under Creative Commons License

So, I’m often on the lookout for things that might make an interesting addition to my culinary choices. From time to time, I scan through recipes looking for ones I can mutate. If I can find one that doesn’t need mutating? Even better!

On one of those hunts, I came across a recipe for tilapia with orange ginger sauce. Okay, so I can eat cod, which is close enough, and I can do oranges and ginger, so maybe a prospect? I read through the article and there were some typical mutations I had to make: lose the added sugar, dump the cornmeal breading, skip deep frying anything … I was left with cook fish. Reduce a combination of orange juice, grated ginger, and garlic until you get something more or less syrupy. Y’know, I think it’s a winner!

I have even repurposed the sauce. I use that sauce on grainy things with veggies in it sometimes. Good stuff, really.

Next up: P is for Useless.


2 thoughts on “O Is for Fish Sauce

  1. eightpawswriting

    I also have food allergies, mostly gluten, and now struggling with no sugar and carbs! I understand the challenges. Sounds like a yummy sauce.


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