New Friday Adventures

Eons ago … okay, so it was only a few years, but it feels like eons … I wrote articles for a newsletter for a Sunday school group I was a part of. I was also a keynote speaker and a session instructor for a couple of women’s retreats, and because of how my brain works, I actually wrote out narrative versions of my materials before I made reference notes.

A pal of mine mentioned that she’d sure like to see me get back into writing these articles again. While I’m still job-hunting, I don’t have time to do a good job on the research necessary to write a decent article, so I’m going to start with the ones I have written, and hopefully by the time I come to the end of those, I’ll be gainfully employed again and able to rock and roll on new stuff.

So… Here ya go!  A quick, short one today…

Lucifer’s Job

To get some clues, check out Ezekiel 28:13-19 and Isaiah 14:12-14.  These sound like a prophecy about two earthly kings, but if you look carefully at the text, it’s obvious it goes way beyond the two men to the power behind the thrones.  We learn from a very creepy account in Daniel 10 that there are demonic powers behind the thrones of the world, so this shouldn’t be too surprising.

Reading those two passages, we find that Lucifer’s original job description was the “anointed cherub that covers.”  In other words, he was in charge, answerable only to God, until pride got in the way.

Lucifer, by the way, is still in charge of the earth.  You’ll notice that when he tempted Jesus with the kingdoms of the world, Jesus didn’t refute Lucifer’s claim (Matthew 4 and Luke 4).  It’s not much of a temptation if the prize isn’t available.  I mean seriously.  Would you be tempted to do something stupid in exchange for a prize you knew didn’t exist?

Don’t worry.  The time is coming when Jesus will claim that which he paid for.  See Revelation for details.


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