Q Is for Warm

I like to sew. I’d make all my own clothes if I could, and sometimes I go on major sewing sprees and make all kinds of nifty stuff.

That invariably leaves me with scrap material. Some pieces are too small to do anything with, but there are others that are too big to just discard and too small to make another garment out of. On some occasions, I find a bunch of compatible materials, piece them together, and make shirts and skirts of many colors. There are only so many of those you can use, though.

Like a lot of scrawny girlie sorts, I get cold easily, so I found another great use for scrap material: quilts. They keep me warm and put all that scrap material to good use, so … Q is for Warm. Apologies to my family members because when I amass a pile of big scrap pieces, I go on a major quilting binge. Then my family and friends end up getting some of them for birthdays and Christmas. I make quilts in all kinds of fun patterns.

knot quilt light blue wall quilt qbert quilt

I also inherited my grandmothers’ sewing kits, which resulted in piles of scrap material and another wonderful treasure: needlework pieces. One of my grandmothers and one of my great grandmothers made gazillions of embroidered tablecloths, napkins, hankies, pillow cases, dresser runners, and doilies. These things aren’t in the modern decorating vogue these days, and throwing them out would be such a shame (because I do embroidery myself, so I know how long it takes to make these things), so instead, they, too, became quilt parts.

blue rose quilt orange quilt 2

At the moment, all my sewing gear is packed away, but once I get moved and unpack my universe again, I foresee more sewing and more quilts.

Next time, R is for Forgiveness.


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