Michael the Archangel

The archangel Michael has a specific job description.  What is it?

Well, let’s take a look at where Michael shows up in scripture.

First, take a look at Daniel 10:4-21

There’s a lot going on here about spiritual warfare and the power behind the thrones of the nations, but I’ll be good and keep to the point.  Michael shows up twice in this chapter.  First, in verse 13, Michael is the angel who came to help the messenger sent to Daniel get through some interference from the prince (read that demon or fallen angel) in charge of Persia.  In verse 21, the messenger sent to Daniel says he has to go back to do battle with the prince (again, read that demon or fallen angel) of Greece, which didn’t exist in Daniel’s time.  The only one who will help the messenger in this battle is Michael.

The next time Michael shows up is in Daniel 12:1.  Michael is the archangel who stands guard over Israel.

Next stop, Jude 1:9.  Michael is in combat against Satan over the body of Moses.  Why?  That’s up for speculation.

Last but not least, Revelation 12:7.  Michael and his angels fight against the dragon, who is Satan, and his angels.

So, when you take all that together, what is Michael’s job?  Everywhere he shows up, he’s in combat or on guard.  He’s in charge of military maneuvers, and apparently – based on Revelation 12:7 – a high-ranking officer among the angels.


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