R Is for Forgiveness

My first novel was Remnant in the Stars, which Terri and Sam Pray at Under the Moon published in 2012. The long, convoluted history of just how this story mutated from a few GURPS RPG sessions to the current novel can be found here. Ultimately, one of major themes in the book is forgiveness, which is why R is for Forgiveness.

remnant cover higher res


In a badly over-matched battle to protect a space station, Kirsten’s wingman abandons her, and she loses her arm after debris slams into her ejection seat. The prosthetic replacement doesn’t work properly and causes her a lot of pain, but no one can figure out why. She retreats to her faith for solace. During her recovery, first her wingman ignores her altogether, and then, after the rest of the squadron gives him what-for, he stays in contact, but most of his emails belittle her faith.

About six months after the battle, an alien exploration ship stops in a solar system to investigate a planet, but the locals aren’t too happy to see them and shoot the ship down. Only a partial distress call makes it out, so the rescuers don’t know where to look.

Sora, whose daughter is on the downed ship, heads out with a scout ship as part of the search and rescue team. His dear friend Kirsten is also on the crew. He chooses a human ship to crew on because many of his own people treat him with contempt after a botched attempt to protect a human child from alien attackers resulted in the deaths of the attackers. The human court that tried him ruled his actions self-defense, but his own people see him as an unpunished murderer. Although glad he was able to protect the child, Sora feels tremendous guilt for the deaths he caused. His household has forgiven him, but he refuses to accept it.

In his efforts to help Kirsten, Sora learns to forgive himself, and – after Sora convinces Kirsten’s wingman to stop giving her a hard time – Kirsten forgives her wingman, too.

Next stop: S is for Neck


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