S Is for Neck

Some time ago, I showed you my hat collection, but I have another big collection of a clothing articles: scarves. They’re good for decoration, covering up, and keeping warm. I’ve worn them as belts, hat bands, headbands, shawls, and ornate (kinda bulky) necklaces. Most of the time, you wear a scarf around your neck, so S is for Neck.

Here’s a scarf serving as a hatband:

headshot version Flowered shirt hat and scarf

Unlike my hat collection, which was started by inheriting some of my grandma’s hats, I started my scarf collection all by myself. It started as a way to keep warmer in a workplace that could easily be used to hang beef. When I was teaching, I had permanent recess duty every year at lunch because going into the cafeteria meant exposure to those evil potato things, and I like breathing. Most of the year, Texas is warm, too warm, but in late December until about the middle of February, we have scattered days of “winter.” Standing outside in a brisk wind watching kids run around for 20 minutes then going back inside where it doesn’t feel a whole lot warmer was a good way to get a chill you can’t shake. So, scarves became a necessary means to stay warmish.

I’ve bought many of them, but some are handmade, and some are gifts. My scarf collection has gotten pretty large (28!), and I still add to it now and then when I find a nifty one.

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