What do King Solomon and the Antichrist have in common?

Go to 1 Kings 10:14 (or 2 Chronicles 9:14).  Now compare that to Revelation 13:18.  King Solomon’s salary for one year is the same as the Number of the Beast.  I don’t know what you do with that, but this is a trivia question.

I caution you to avoid getting caught up in who the Antichrist is.  Remember that anything that distracts your attention from God is not going to help your walk.  We won’t be here when Antichrist is revealed.  2 Thessalonians 2 will give you the broad overview of the endgame.

  1. There will be a “falling away” or apostasy. People will increasingly stop believing in Christ.  I think we’re headed in that direction now.
  2. The restrainer will stop restraining. Many conservative scholars see this as the Rapture of the Church.  The church isn’t the restrainer, but the Spirit is, and all believers are indwelled by the Spirit.
  3. THEN the Antichrist will be revealed.

So don’t get wound up with bar codes, pin numbers, or other theories about the meaning of 666.  That’s the number of a man, namely the Son of Perdition, the Beast spoken of in Revelation, the Idol Shepherd.  (He’s got something on the order of three dozen or so titles in the Bible.)  Instead, focus on Christ and advancing the kingdom by doing whatever work God has for you.


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