V Is for Health

After I developed food allergies, various family and friends were concerned that I would not be getting the nutrients I need from what was left in my diet. They suggested I take vitamins to maintain my health, and that’s why V is for Health.

Actually, I think I do pretty well. Rather than the deficient diet many Americans eat – with its excess of sugar, fat, and the same few food things repeated in endless forms – I eat an assortment veggies, fruit, grains, and meat. Granted, there are some typically healthful things I miss out on like wheat and corn and some other types of fruits and veggies, but generally, I better than the average person. There is neither junk food nor fast food in my diet because the stuff would make me ill.

Nevertheless, I did look into the prospect of taking a daily vitamin, but I was not successful in locating a viable option. First, I’ve been told by a nutritionist that people with major food intolerances need to rotate their diets. Don’t eat the same stuff every day and now and then go a week without something. This is supposed to slow down the development of additional food intolerances and allergies. So, taking a pill or vitamin everyday will eventually lead to an intolerance of whatever is contained in the pill.

(c) 2012 Alex Prolmos // Retrieved from Flickr Creative commons on this date and used unchanged

(c) 2012 Alex Prolmos // Retrieved from Flickr Creative commons on this date and used unchanged

Second, there’s a problem with the vitamins themselves. They contain “inactive ingredients” that I can’t have like corn starch or soy (in the form of colorings and flavorings) or potato starch – and this is the big one in everything – sugar or sweeteners of some sort. Seriously. What is it with the overabundance of sugar or fake sugar in things? Can our extremely spoiled palates not handle a food or medicinal that doesn’t taste like candy? Ugh. I briefly had the brilliant idea that if I looked for things that were suitable for hypoglycemics or hyperglycemics, maybe those would be sugar free. They were, but the sugar was replaced by one of the fake sugars, which are also unsafe for me to have. *sigh*

I have not yet given up the hunt. Even if I couldn’t take it every day, every now and then might be a good idea.

Next?  W is for Yardwork.


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