Y Is for Michigan

I don’t remember much about it. I mean, I was 4 years old when I left for Texas, so flaky memory should not be a surprise, but I was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, very close to Lake Superior. Folks from that part of the world are affectionately called Yoopers, which is why Y is for Michigan.

People have told me that I have a distinctly northern accent. Actually, I think that depends on what’s going on. I can speak Southern Drawl and Yooper with equal facility. Interestingly, none of my parents have a distinct accent. One parent is a southerner. The other 3 are Yoopers. You’d never know it by talking to any of them.

And, actually, this linguist says there isn’t a distinct Yooper accent.

(I do find it amusing that someone is officially studying Yooper dialect).

So, where did I get my accents? Playing around with the kids I used to teach. To get their attention, I would sometimes switch accents. I’d also read to them and use different accents for different characters.

Yooper is more than a dialect, though. Da Yoopers is also a music group.

So, I was born in the U.P. and grew up (and still live in) Texas. Am a Yooper or a Texan?  Why, yes. Yes, I am.  😉

Next time, Z is for Animals


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