Voting Results for City of Refuge, Episode 7: Fiendish Plots

If you missed Episode 7, it’s here.


Question 1: Should Jer go warn the High Priest about the plot on his life, keep an eye on Kane, or just go home?

Three-way tie, so where are my dice…

1-2 = Go after Nahum and Vashti

3-4 = Keep an eye on Kane

5-6 = Go home and wait for word from the court

… 6. Head for home.

Question 2: What’s Vashti’s brilliant idea?

I didn’t have any brilliant ideas, which was why I asked you guys. 😉  Apparently, no one else had any suggestions, either. Ummmm…

Get hired on as waitstaff for the dinner hosting the ambassador from Earth and sneak something unsavory into the food.



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