Indoor Pool Installation

For years at a time, Central Texas doesn’t see much in the way of rain. We had a drought for a good 7-10 years. Whole communities were on water rationing. Yards went dry and landscaping croaked.

Then a storm happened the day before Halloween. It started easily enough. Water fell from the sky at an increasing rate. As I was getting ready for work, the storm became a real toad-floater. I was loading the dishwasher and noticed that the floor on the other side of the room was shimmering. Weird.  Very weird. I went closer and … discovered water coming in at a high rate of speed through the back door’s threshold.

As I got critical stuff moved off the floor, sandy water also poured in through the front door and over the baseboard in one of the walls. By the time I had my parrot in her carrier and a change of clothes in a bag, the water was a good couple inches deep.

On the way out, I slipped my footing and landed in a water-filled hole where the landscaping will eventually go. My ankle turned when I finally hit the ground. (A visit to the doc later showed that I just bruised myself very well).

Masika and I got waterlogged on the way to my car, and I drove to the higher ground outside the leasing office. Going further wasn’t an option. The only road out of the complex was very much underwater, quick-moving water that had already stopped one car dead.

Fortunately, someone was in the leasing office and the tenant clubhouse, so I was able to stay there and trade soaking wet clothes for slightly damp clothes and dry out while waiting for the water to go down.

That evening, the leasing office brought in a flood remediation crew, and they worked hard all afternoon to get the water out of the 20 units that were flooded. The water only came up a few inches in my apartment, but there were blowers and a dehumidifier for weeks.  Jet engines are not that loud.

Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 Jet Aircraft

(c) 2011 UK Ministry of Defense // Retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons and used unchanged Photographer: SAC Simon Armstrong Image 45153149.jpg from

Soon, we’ll be back to normal, relatively. 😉


7 thoughts on “Indoor Pool Installation

  1. eightpawswriting

    I thought you’ve moved to higher ground! Are you still having flooding? I keep hearing about rain.


  2. Keeping you in my prayers dear friend.
    In Christ,
    Gail J.


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