I noticed one thing when I moved: I have an insane amount of craft stuff. Material, beads, modeling stuff, random craft stuff … just all kinds of crazy junk. I decided to try to make everyone’s Christmas presents for everyone with just the stuff I had on hand (plus maybe a couple odds and ends). Looking at everything I had easy access to, I decided quilts were the way to go.

I didn’t want to do just any quilt, though. I’ve already done more than a few typical quilts for folks, so I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before. After a bit of thinking, I landed on the idea to do an applique quilt. Still pretty straightforward, but nothing I’d done before.

I got them all planned out and cut out, and then I started constructing them like crazy.

(Some old quilts I’ve done… )

Will I make them all in time for Christmas? Don’t know yet, but I’m making good progress, so maybe?


4 thoughts on “Quilts EVERYWHERE!

  1. They are beautiful! Another one of your special skills. How do you find the time? I used to sew, make quilts, and a lot of my clothes! I crocheted and knitted, also. Those hobbies are long-gone now! Those quilts will be treasured gifts! Merry Christmas!


  2. You are one amazing lady with all the crafting skills you have! I treasure and gently use the quilt you made our family some years back. It is so beautifully done and in some of my favorite colors. You rock Cindy!


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