Meeting Amaya: Spotlight on Cindy Koepp’s “Like Herding the Wind”

Clay interviewed Amaya to get her insights on the differences…and similarities…between Eshuvani and humans.


This week’s spotlight falls on science fiction novelist Cindy Koepp’s new book, Like Herding the Wind: An Urushalon Novel. At the heart of that book is the relationship between humanity and the extraterrestrial species, the Eshuvani, who have come to live among us and share our world. Having spent a good deal of time with a young woman named Annah, from the distant world of Evohe, I know a bit about folks from other worlds myself. I find that, whatever place we call home, we are all the same. And it’s in that spirit that I’d like you all to meet Amaya.

A: Grace be unto you.
Q: From what you know, was it hard for the humans and the Eshuvani to co-exist in the beginning? How has that improved?
A: The days following first contact were difficult indeed. The generation ship landed in the recently harvested field of a…

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