2015 was an interesting year.


Some of the roughest classes of my Master’s degree were the spring of 2015. Sure, advanced degrees are supposed to be difficult. They wouldn’t mean anything otherwise, but wow. I became that sort of tired that sleep can’t cure.

I moved into my apartment 3 times. A flood occurred not long after my first move in, so I moved back out while initial remediation was done then again when the repair work was supposed to be done. When the construction company erred, I moved to a new apartment in the same complex.

I was not able to find a job in the field of my Master’s degree. After 2 solid years of hunting in that field and most of 10 years of hunting for anything useful outside of public education, I could only manage a retail job. I consider it a step in the direction of something more akin to what I want to do: training folks or searching patterns for solutions to performance problems.

Silver Linings

I finished my Master’s. I now have 3 degrees: a BS in Wildlife Ecology, a Post-baccalaureate in teaching, and now a MS in Adult Learning: Training and Performance Improvement. It was a hard gig, but I did it! … with a lot of encouragement from others.

When the flood occurred at the end of October, I assumed that a lot of my stuff would be trashed. You’ve seen the images of floods up to rooftops, and I was fairly certain the water would get up to the my knees. It was already 2″ deep when I grabbed Masika and bolted. Really, though, I lost a couple pillows, some books, the slip covers for a couple dozen CDs, and a few pieces of artwork. Maybe there were a couple other odds and ends, too, but really I got away very lightly.

I didn’t manage to find a job in my newly-studied field, but I was able to find a retail gig managing a vision center for a large company. It’s not everything I hoped for, but it’s enough to pay the rent, and it’ll be a step toward my next goal.

Nifty publishing stuff happened, too:
Lines of Succession was published by Under the Moon.
Like Herding the Wind was put up for preorder by PDMI Publishing, LLC.
Medieval Mars, an anthology I’m in, was self-published by the editor, Travis Perry.
The Web Surfer Series, an anthology I have 4 tales in, was published by Helping Hands Press.
The Loudest Actions, the sequel to Remnant in the Stars, was accepted for publication by Under the Moon.

What’s Next?

I’ve filed with the state of Texas to start up an LLC so I can do performance improvement consulting, editing services, and sell books and crafty stuff. If all the paperwork goes through, it will go live with the new year.

We’ll see what else 2016 holds.


6 thoughts on “2015

  1. Sounds like you have a great plan to be able todo what you love! A great way to begin a New Year!


  2. You are such a cool inspiration to me. Nothing gets you down for very long. You are the younger sister I wish I had had. You rock Cindy! Thank you for being my friend.


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