2016: Goal #1

Time for those New Year’s Resolutions.

Most people I know totally ignore these things. They take the attitude that resolutions are a waste of time or unnecessary for success.

Others set goals they can absolutely reach, like the friend of mine who has resolved to become fluent in Canadian and spend more time on social media.

Then there are the interesting characters who make a ritual of these resolutions, like my friend’s neighbors. They have a “drum circle” in which each person recounts successes of the past year and sets goals for the following one.

I don’t know about rituals or the usual sorts of resolutions like losing weight or exercising more, but I do think goal-setting is important. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t be able to get there.

So, rather than resolutions I will forget about, how about a few goals. This post will be about Goal #1.  Other goals will follow in the coming weeks.

Goal #1: Write a Novel (first draft)

January 15, 2016 will see my 4th novel — Like Herding the Wind — published, by PDMI Publishing this time. I’m also eyeball-deep in edits for another one coming from Under the Moon: The Loudest Actions. Another novel — Into the Open — is in the queue at PDMI Publishing, and I’ve been told that the Web Surfer Series will be produced as an anthology by Helping Hands Press, who has published the series individually.

What I don’t have is a current work in progress (WIP). I’ve been up to a taller person’s earholes in getting moved and dodging flood waters. Sure, I’ve been working on a few short stories and a serial, but I don’t have a novel to play with. This needs fixing.

So, which novel idea to play with?

I have a sequel to Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo playing in my head as well as the sequel for Lines of Succession and a full-length, novel version of City of Refuge. The novel currently titled Bird’s Eye needs an overhaul even more than it needs a new name, almost to the point of “scrap it and start over.” Ideas unrelated to previous works include a tale called Training Ground.

Mindstorm’s sequel will be based on a novella I wrote eons ago in which the son of Pharmacorp’s now deceased CEO hires a mercenary to go after Thomas and Calla.

front sanserif

Grace Bridges designed the lovely abstract cover, which actually represents what Calla sees when she goes into someone’s mind.

Lines of Succession’s sequel gives Elaina a chance to use her newly developed leadership skills when Zane sends her out to help her former bodyguard hold a fort against a Toshiroan invasion.

LoS final cover

Terry and Sam Pray did excellent work on the cover art!

City of Refuge is an expansion of the recently completed serial, with more subplots and detail … and much better planning and characterization. It might even go back to its original timeline of ancient Israel. The advanced tech in the serial monkeyed up a couple points by making things too easy. Problem is, I don’t think I have enough historically correct info on ancient Israel. I could, I suppose, make up a culture based on what I do know and set it on a not-Earth location…

Bird’s Eye, currently written from the point of view of a bird and a dog, doesn’t work that way and draaaaaags in the middle. Too much time travelling from here to there, and the critters are not always in the best position to tell the tale. Its main plot is about a bird and her boy helping a dog and his baron find the source of murderous lunatics plaguing the countryside.

Training Ground hasn’t been totally plotted out yet, but the idea in my brain is an intergalactic peace-keeping force looking for recruits. Applicants have one idea in their head of what the group is looking for, but they end up choosing the apparently least likely candidate, who then goes on a delicate mission and saves the day! or something like that.

So, what do you think? Which one sounds like a good WIP?


11 thoughts on “2016: Goal #1

  1. If you wish to pursue more history for City of Refuge I may be able to help with some sources.


  2. I like the idea of setting goals too. I have learning goals for this year regarding honing my stitching techniques. Am also going to suggest another good goal to set, via my face book page.


    • Saw that one. I prefer to read through the Bible at a different pace with references to a good commentary. Takes longer than a year, but I learn a whole lot more.


      • I am reading at a different pace too. Only reading a chapter a day. I don’t tend to like a lot of commentaries as many of them seem to throw in a lot of “opinion” when the Bible doesn’t spell out something. Found that with John MacArthur especially. JMHO


      • That is a trick with commentaries. I have to keep my brain straight on the difference between the fallible and infallible texts.


      • Yes, so true. I found so many people in my church quoting parts of commentaries by their favorite Bible theologian as if said theologian’s opinion was the inspired word of God itself. Even pastors have done it. Now commentaries can help at times when the English doesn’t quite communicate, but I find I like to go back to a straight translation from the original language whenever possible. Bible Hub I think is the name of the one I have gone to for that.


      • I use Blue Letter Bible as a resource.


      • Never heard of that one. Will take a look at it. Thank you.


      • It’s got all /kinds/ of handy stuff.


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