Like Herding the Wind

Dianne Gardner hosted a guest blog on her site. We talked about the truth that can be found in a science fiction tale.

Making Believe

12463503_10153812530103459_483330858_nHidden Advice in Like Herding the Wind Weird, birdlike flying machines. Tall, wiry aliens with phenomenal strength and speed … but no stamina. Dart pistols that can knock a man down in seconds. On the face of it, Like Herding the Wind is a science fiction tale set in the Texas coastal town of Las Palomas in 1965.
… but is it just that? Not hardly. The Eshuvani, for all their differences, are so very human in many others. They and the humans they are working with encounter many common phenomena that we all endure at some time.

The greatest hurdle the characters have to overcome is grief, and they deal with it in their own ways with varying degrees of success.

There are many reasons to grieve. Death of someone important is only one cause. We also grieve for major changes or absences. How we deal with grief can…

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