2016: Goal #2

Goals help us stay on track, so instead of resolutions that I’ll likely forget about next week, I’m setting major goals.  Goal #1 was about my novel-writing adventures.

Goal #2 is about job-hunting.

Last summer, I finished my Master’s in Adult Learning with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement. It was a rough two years, but I was victorious, and now I’d like to put that to work.

While I pursued my degree, I had a job mangling and wrangling glasses at a large retailer’s vision center. As I neared the end of the degree, I tried for a corporate trainer position in the same company and was told to go manage a department for a year and try again. Now I’m managing a vision center in a smallish store for that company. Next fall, I can try for a corporate training gig again, if there are any available in the cities I want to go.

I’m not one to keep all my eggs in the same basket, though. In the meantime, I’m looking for gainful work in my field in other locations, too. I have to stay close to my current apartment because the lease runs out a year from now, but the South Austin to North San Antonio corridor could work if I find the right job. There’s also remote work to go for.

Goals are no good if they’re not specific and trackable, so here’s the specific goal:

Apply for 50 positions (that’s one per week from here on out) related to my degree.  Apply for Facilitator I positions in Phoenix and Omaha if they become available next fall.  If I land a job in my field, mission accomplished.


One thought on “2016: Goal #2

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