2016: Goal #3

Goals keep us focused, so I’m setting a few as the year gets started. Goal #1 was to write the draft of a novel. Goal #2 was related to finding a job in my field.

Goal #3 is to create a job in my field.

I’ve been job-hunting for most of 10 years. At first, I was trying to get out of public school teaching. Now I’m trying to land something in my new field. Neither has gone very well, and the best I could land was a retail gig. Don’t misunderstand. It’s honest work, and it pays the bills. I’m glad it’s there, but it’s not what I want to be doing. It’s a step on the path, and I truly hope it’s the penultimate step on the path.

Because finding a job is not going well, I’m going to create a job. I’m starting an LLC that will allow me to pursue my various interests and possibly make money at it. This doesn’t conflict with Goal #2. I don’t expect the LLC to make me the minimum of $35K/yr I need to pay the bills and buy the food, so I still want to maintain a “day job” so I have a steady income, benefits, and so on. The LLC is intended to close the gap between the $45K/yr I used to make teaching and the pay of the day job. It also lets me do stuff I enjoy and get people to pay me for it. πŸ˜€

The company, Time Koepp, LLC (because I like playing with words and I kept running into conflicts with all my other ideas. My last name is fairly obscure. πŸ˜‰ ) will provide performance improvement consulting and DIY kits, editing services, and crafty stuff. Β Yes, I know. One of these things is not like the others, but I want to sell my crafty stuff and vintage jewelry on eBay, and I’ve been told that an LLC is a good idea to provide a level of separation between my stuff and company stuff.

Drop on by to Time Koepp’s website and check it out.


10 thoughts on “2016: Goal #3

  1. eightpawswriting

    I’m glad you can be creative and find a way to make your own path. Doing the things you enjoy will make you happy! That is more important than the pay!!


  2. You go girl…. I’ll give you my ideas to get your name out there. This just may be the path God will open the doors for you. I wish you much success!!!!! Love you sweet pea.


  3. Here’s the webpage…



  4. LLC?…. Local Learning Center?


    • Limited Liability Company

      Sort of a halfway step between sole proprietor and corporation. It means I can do business in Texas, and if someone gets their nose out of joint, they can only go after what the company owns, not what I own.


  5. […] Start an LLC based on the things I can do (edit manuscripts, do crafty stuff, performance improvement projects). […]


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