2016: Goal #5

This is my last goal for the year. I’m sure I’ll accomplish other interesting things, but this should keep me busy enough.

Goal #1: Draft a novel.

Goal #2: Search for a job that uses my Master’s.

Goal #3: Start an LLC

Goal #4: Make all the Christmas presents I’ll need this year.


Goal #5 is going to be all about marketing. I’ve done sporadic marketing for my books, but I need to do a better job of that, and I now have an LLC to advertise for.

One of the things i tried to do was hire a marketing company to do a bit of the legwork for me for the release of Like Herding the Wind: An Urushalon Novel. I may use the same company to do smaller marketing adventures for my other novels.

Really, though, I’m at a bit of a loss about how to market. I can tell you all about the snazzy things I’ve tried that haven’t worked. Buying Google or Facebook ads just seems to cost money. ROI stinks. Guest blogging can be interesting, but I’m not sure I get much bang for my buck.

This will definitely take a bit of research.

So, the specific goal: Research at least 5 new strategies for marketing books and a company and implement at least 3 of them.

What would you do to market books and a new company?


3 thoughts on “2016: Goal #5

  1. eightpawswriting

    I’ve been storming of the same issue. You need to find the right audience for each venture. What labels can you add to each novel, your business?


  2. […] at least 5 different marketing strategies and try at least 3 I haven’t done […]


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