The Angel Outside Jericho

Name the angel who appears to Joshua outside Jericho.

Start with Revelation 19:10 and 22:9. When John tried to worship these angels, they scolded him for it. There is only one angel who allows, and some say demands, worship. I read the end of the book, and he has a very dismal future ahead of him.

Now go with me to Joshua 5:13. Joshua was outside Jericho some evening before the battle and came across an armed guy. Good military man that he was, Joshua challenged him like a sentry. Joshua 5:14-15 will show you the exchange between them. You might think initially that this is Michael, but it isn’t. This Angel (Captain of the Lord’s Host) told Joshua to remove his shoes because he stood on holy ground. Where else did that appear?

Why, in Exodus 3:2 of course, with the burning bush in which that “Angel of the Lord” identified himself as none other than Jesus Christ. Seriously? Yes. Look at Exodus 3:14 where the Angel of the Lord identifies himself as “I AM THAT I AM.” Now go to John 8. Jesus and the Pharisees were having a knock-down, drag-out round of verbal fisticuffs. We get to John 8:58 where Jesus says, “Before Abraham was I AM.” He used the same term of identification.

So… the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts who appeared to Joshua outside of Jericho is none other than Jesus Christ. Appearances of Jesus in the Old Testament (OT) times are not unheard of (Genesis 16, Numbers 22, Judges 2, and many others. See a concordance for more info. If it helps, I use this one: ). The term “Angel of the Lord” often refers to Him, but not always so look for other clues or references to YHWH in conjunction with the term. These OT appearances of Jesus are called “Theophanies.”

Source: Missler, Chuck. Verse by Verse Commentary on Joshua. Koinonia House.


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