Easter is a mobile holiday. Unlike Christmas, which is nailed to the calendar, Easter is a moving target. In the West, Easter occurs on the Sunday after the first full moon following the Vernal Equinox (March 21, usually). So, an early Easter will be in the 20-somethings of March and a late one will be nearly the end of April. Churches in the East follow a different calendar, so Easter there is a week or two later.

In Christian churches, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus three days after His crucifixion.

If that’s the case, where did we get egg-laying bunnies in the deal?

Well, that’s a little complicated.

Noah’s grandson, Nimrod, was a tyrant who founded lots of cities where people did crazy stuff. His wife, Semiramis, deified him after his death and declared her illegitimate son was actually Nimrod reborn to save mankind.

After being killed by a boar, Semiramis’ son was supposedly resurrected as plantlife by his mother’s tears.

The bunny and egg bit? Bunnies are prolific little critters, so they’re associated with fertility (something Semiramis is associated with), and there’s a fable about Semiramis hatching from an egg that fell from heaven into the Euphrates.

Like the modern versions of many Christian holidays, many of the traditions in this one go waaaaaay back to not-Christian roots.


8 thoughts on “Easter

  1. I didn’t know some of this. It is interesting that we can have pagan things like Easter eggs within our Christian celebrations.


    • Well, that likely happened because the Christian church early on tried to replace major pagan holidays with Christian holidays, and those celebrating the pagan holidays just brought their stuff along.

      Still happens now. Consider the sneaky ways some churches have tried to be more “seeker friendly” and align with the world to fill pews.


  2. Yes…. some of our elderly people still think the more modern Christian music has been one such thing. My parents still don’t like it.


    • I like it in some settings, but not in others.


      • I know you have some issues with lighting etc., connected with the music. I have seen both sides as I like some of the more modern music but also really love the old hymns sung with harmonies and more instruments then just guitar, drum and keyboard. However if it brings in the younger generation and they get saved and discipled… then I guess it is worth the sacrifice.


      • The problem becomes that many of the churches that do “rock and roll church” to “attract the younger crowd” also compromise the message to make it more palatable. THAT becomes an issue.

        Even Paul changed the style of his delivery depending on his audience. He did /not/ change the message.


      • Our church has changed the music but not compromised the message. I agree with what they have done for the most part. I am not “dyed in the wool” Southern Baptist, where I embrace everything from my denomination, but as far as basic doctrine, I think they have it pretty good.


      • That’s good. I’ve been in a few that teach a much different version of the Gospel than I read about.


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