Remnant in the Stars: Numodyne

Remnant the in Stars was my first novel published. For this book, I designed the cultures for 3 different alien races. I provided some details on the Aolanians last time. This time, the Numodyne are up.

The Numodyne were originally supposed to be spiritual critters. They had a physical form that could take the shape of whatever they wanted, and they had an attitude of treating corporeal creatures like lab rats. That, however, had been done. Repeatedly. By people who are much better at it than I am. So, in one iteration the tale, I decided to take them out of the supernatural realm and plug them into the physical world as critters of energy.

The Numodyne inhabit the world where the Aolanian explorer Kesha crashes after some not-so-nice Numodyne attack and disable the ship.

There are two sorts of Numodyne. One sort appears as colored globes of light and the other as white globes of light. The colorful ones are protective of the environment and the critters in it. They derive their sustenance from absorbing the energies tossed around in thunderstorms.

The other sort is more destructive. They don’t care where they get their energy, and they aren’t patient enough to wait for storms to come along. They absorb the energy of living things or technology, whatever they can find. As a result, most of the planet’s plant and animal life has been destroyed, except for an area on one continent.

To the colorful Numodyne, their destructive counterparts appear to be a black so deep that it absorbs all light, kind of like a living black hole, because of their intense greed.

The friendly Numodyne come in the whole rainbow of colors and sizes, with younger ones tending toward the blue end of the spectrum and older ones toward the red.

Regardless of colors, they can change shapes. Spherical is default, but they can flatten out into disks or tighten up in to spear shapes depending on the situation. They become paler and grayer as their energy stores are depleted and more brilliant as they gain energy.

I’ve been asked if there might be a political commentary hiding in the Numodyne color schemes and behaviors, and the answer to that is … Nope. I chose white for the greedy Numodyne because evil is deceptive. They appear the white of purity to us, but that hides the blackness of greed and self-interest only visible to those who really understand them.

Likewise, the colorful Numodyne don’t represent any political factions. They’re colorful because I wanted a visible contrast between the evil ones and the not-so-evil ones. Really, that’s how complicated it gets in this case.

Next up, the third, hidden alien race in Remnant in the Stars.


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