Remnant in the Stars: Hermit Crabs?

In the previous two adventures, I provided some info on the major alien races of Remnant in the Stars: the Aolanians and the Numodyne. There was one other alien race. They don’t play a pivotal part in the plot, but they’re there!

In one of the earlier drafts of Remnant in the Stars, I decided to give the Numodyne a couple limitations. As it was, they really were just too powerful. I decided to establish that, although they could pass through solid objects, they couldn’t pass through rock. Why? I’d like to tell you that I had some grand, scientifically grounded reason for it … but I didn’t. I just picked rock because that gave the stranded Aolanians a place to hide and wait for rescue.

One of my beta readers (*waves at Gail*) suggested that no matter how destructive the unfriendly Numodyne were, there should be some kind of critter that could survive in spite of them. Some critter somewhere should have an immunity or resistance to Numodyne attacks either by their natural ability or location or whatever.

A good point, really, and if the Aolanians could find safe shelter, so could some other critter.

So, the hermit crab-like critters came from that discussion. These are fist-sized bugs with 14 legs that scoot around with a rock “shell” on their backs. Like hermit crabs, they can tuck into their shells when threatened. Each one has a job, and the only one we really spend time with is the leader, who goes out to the entrance of the cave every day to scope out the terrain and watch for threats.

When the leader spots the Aolanian survivors closing in on the cave with a colorful Numodyne escort, he’s not sure what to think, but he mobilizes the rest of the group to get ready for an invasion.



2 thoughts on “Remnant in the Stars: Hermit Crabs?

  1. Was I the “beta reader” or was it another Gail? Seriously… long enough ago I did some proof reading for you… I forgot…. 😉 LOL!


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