Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo — Haidarians

If I’d thought that far ahead, I would have included a 4th alien race for Remnant in the Stars so the entire month of April would be about that book, but I did not. So, onward to the next book: Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo published by Splashdown Books.

The major characters — both the good guys and the bad guy — are Haidarians. Haidarians are humans … sort of … but not exactly … more or less … mostly less.

A few hints about Haidarians are dropped in Mindstorm and a little more detail comes up in “Negotiator,” a short story that appears in the Splashdown Books anthology Aquasynthesis Again.

Haidarians came about from monkeying around with the human genome to create super-spies. The result? Humans with telepathic abilities who can teleport. Well, most of them  can. There are notable exceptions.

They Haidarians started off on Earth, but were mistreated by humans, so they revolted (which is not the same as being revolting) and took over the Haidar Space Station that was orbiting Earth. They’re still there.

They have become self-sufficient for most things and they trade for the rest of what they need by hiring out specialists to other worlds to help them deal with crises that come up. That’s what gets the main characters of Mindstorm into so much trouble!



One thought on “Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo — Haidarians

  1. […] Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo is a science fiction tale released by Splashdown Books just before they switched from traditional to hybrid publishing. Last time, we looked at the main characters, Haidarians. […]


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