Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo — Gotrians

Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo is a science fiction tale released by Splashdown Books just before they switched from traditional to hybrid publishing. Last time, we looked at the main characters, Haidarians.

When I designed the plot and characters for Mindstorm, I needed a couple races who were squabbling so the main characters had something to do. They had to be radically different so that the civilizations developed independently for a long time then it all came to a head when they finally ran into each other.

The Gotrians are arboreal, which means they hang out in the trees. They have long arms for swinging around the branches, kinda like little monkeys. In their society, the higher up the tree you live, the more important you are. This is a little like birds who perch higher up in a sort of “pecking order.” Your height, and so your importance, in society is determined by age. The older you are, the more you are valued. Fortunately for them, they develop very few old age disorders.

Their religion is rigidly structured with a very rich mythology and definite ways and times things must be done. These rules end up complicating the lives of the main characters by creating timing issues for meeting times and mealtimes.

A lot of time has passed since I wrote the original short story that eventually grew into Mindstorm. I don’t remember where the name “Gotrians” came from. I have a few good theories, though. Unlike Haidar, which came from a baby name book, “Gotrian” was most likely a play on the old phrase “you old goat,” since these people put so much importance on old age. Another, equally likely, option is that I was playing around with a word find puzzle and found a collection of letters that looked like it could be a word.

Next time, the other half of the squabbling races on Ologo.



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