Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo — Olvians

Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo is a science fiction tale released by Splashdown Books just before they switched from traditional to hybrid publishing. The third alien race in Mindstorm was the Olvians.

I needed a group for the Gotrians to be having their war with. They needed to be different, so there would be points of contention, but I didn’t want to do the obvious thing and make them diametrically opposed. That would make finding a happy middle ground very difficult for our Haidarian negotiators.

Olvians are frog-like. They can walk bipedally when they want to, but they can also frog-jump around when they really need to get the lead out.

They needed some interesting biological quirks to make them more unique. Olvians change colors with their moods. The color changes aren’t complex, like blue to red or something of that sort. They get lighter, darker, splotchier, and so on. I got that weird idea from octopi and chameleons, but kept it simpler.

Borrowing from another weird critter trait, this time from the Olvians’ amphibious relations, they also undergo a gender change as they mature. The males of the species have to live underwater. As they mature, they gender-change to females, who are amphibious. This led to a strictly matriarchal society. They don’t have much regard for males of other species, either, which leads to some issues for our brave negotiators. The less experienced one has to take control and eventually becomes a little less than diplomatic to keep the peace talks on target.

The name “Olvian?”  Yeah, I don’t remember where that came from, either. Possibly from doing a wordfind and discovering letters that might become a word some day. Sometimes I have interesting sources for names.  Sometimes… I don’t.

Speaking of names, the two Olvian negotiators use the names Rana and Pipien. There’s an reason for that, but I’m not telling. If you can figure it out, leave me a note.

Next time, we switch gears to the next book… Lines of Succession.


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