Like Herding the Wind: Eshuvani

Like Herding the Wind is my most recent novel. It was released by PDMI Publishing in time for my brother’s birthday. Why that date?  Does the book have great significance for my brother?  No, not particularly. I picked that date so I’d remember it. The release was scheduled almost 3 months in advance.

Not unlike some of my other tales, Like Herding the Wind has a long, weird history of revisions and rewrites. The story is about an Eshuvani police and rescue captain whose adopted son, a sergeant in a Texas coastal town’s police force, is beseiged by Eshuvani criminals. She goes to help him resolve this problem in spite of sabotage from her own people and debilitating grief.

Eshuvani are taller than humans and unusually thin. In short bursts, they can be stronger and faster than humans, but they lack the endurance to keep that up. They have a birdlike hollow bone structure which contributes to their agility.

Psychologically, Eshuvani are more sensitive to some things, such as grief, which plagues Amaya throughout most of the story.

Rather than give them other universal traits like the unnatural patience Elves are often depicted with, I wrote the Eshuvani to have a variety of personality types. Some are unusually patient, but others are impulsive. One in particular is a bit goofy … or maybe more than a bit. Another is a belligerent, grouchy sort.

Technologically, Eshuvani are beyond human technology, but they haven’t re-developed space flight or other things that required resources not available on Earth.

The name for Eshuvani doesn’t have any significant meaning. After I came up with the rules for their native language, I played around with syllables and ended up with a sound I liked.

That’s all my novels, well, the ones out so far. I have a serial and a short story with nonhuman characters, so stay tuned!


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